Greek Gods and Goddesses

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Greek Gods and Goddesses

As I sit here in front of this Divine view, in Assos, Kefolania,  possibly some say that is it the home of Odysseus, it is no  wonder that the Greek Gods resided here. In the forefront of course is Poseidon (Olympian god of the sea, rivers, floods, and drought, earthquakes and horses) and his queen Amphitrite (Mother of The Fish, personification of the sea), who ruled all other Gods and Goddesses,

Aphrodite(born from the foam of the sea, The queen of love), Galatea(Goddess of the Calm seas),

Nereides(50 sea nymph–daughters of the old man of the sea, protectors of fisherman and sailors),

Nereus(God of the sea’s rich bounty of fish),

Oceanus, (Titan God of all fresh water),

Palaemon(child sea god, who came to aid sailors in distress with the help of his mother),

Phorcys(ancient sea god of the hidden dangers of the deep, and god of the largest sea creatures like whales),

Pontus(primodial god of the sea, he was the sea itself,

Scylla( sea monster who haunted the rocks of opposite the whirlpool, ships who sailed too close to her rocks would lose six men to her ravenous darting heads),

Sirens(3 monstrous seam nymphs, who lured sailors to their death with a bewitching song),

Thethys(Titan goddess of the primal font of fresh water which nourishes earth),

Thalassa(primodial goddess of the sea, she produced the fish and other sea creatures with the help of her husband),

Thetis(goddess of the sea and leader of the 50 Nereides, she had the gift of prophesy and power to change her shape at will),


Ichthyocentaurs, (half brothers, the wise teachers),

Leukothea (White Goddess, goddess of sailors in distress)

Triton(fish tailed sea god the son of Poseidon who could still the waves with his conch shell

So would you not want to live here too? Just thinking of all this wonderful colorful mythology is it so familiar to the often stories we hear in our yoga classes?  Throughout the ages have we not always had archetypes?

So in my view, these do not depict a religion but help us see how powerful we can when we tune into these energies in our yoga practice, just other tools for empowering ourselves and to step more fully into our Dharma, our purpose and live more fully.

Enjoy the wonderful pictures of this God and Goddess land and I sign of much love from Goddess Raquel

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