Workshops are an opportunity to explore the effects of having a longer practice, allowing us the time to explore deeper practices, which usually there is not enough time in normal classes. Usually workshops are around 3 or more hours long. During the workshop we look at philosophy and how it relates to the practice, do Asana practice (poses), Yoga Nidra (yogic deep sleep) and meditation an pranayama (breathing) techniques

This helps you to  gain additional knowledge and inspiration in a specialty that interests you. A range of different workshops are run on a monthly basis and covered numerous subjects.  Also workshops are an opportunity to explore or ask questions about certain practices you might want to know, workshops are a great way to deepen your practice allowing you to explore particular groups of poses in depth, learn about yoga philosophy, or spend time on specific aspects of yoga such as meditation and pranayama. Workshops are the perfect complement both to classes and to a home practice, offering inspiration, insight and focus.

See calendar to the right for all upcoming workshops and trainings. 

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