Online Classes Made Easy!

All online classes and workshops are held on a platform called Zoom, a video conference facility for business.

  • Once you have booked and paid for your class through the website booking system you will receive a confirmation email and a link to join the class.

  • Click on the link at least 5 -10 minutes before the class is due to start.

  • The message will say click on zoom or allow zoom, then it says joining meeting and it will turn a wheel – sometimes this might take a little while so be patient and give yourself enough time to be ready for class.  

  • Ideally use a desktop computer, laptop or tablet to access Zoom. You may want to link to a bigger screen or your television using an HTML lead.

  • If using a tablet download the Zoom app as this is easier than viewing through a browser.

  • Close all browsers, notifications and switch off mobile phones.



  • Audio: Make sure you join with audio - usually computer audio (Microphone icon in bottom left hand corner of Zoom window). Click on the icon if there is a red diagonal line through it to switch on.

  • Camera: Ensure your video camera is on (Video camera icon in bottom left hand corner of Zoom window) and is pointed at your mat and test that you can be seen while sitting and standing. Click icon if there is a red diagonal line through it to switch on.

  • Lighting: Ensure there is light in the room you are practicing in, so Raquel can see you and give you feedback.

  • Active Speaker Viewing Mode: this is the default setting and switches depending on the person speaking. To keep this screen fixed on Raquel just double click the window.

  • Gallery Viewing Mode: This allows you to see everybody in the meeting displayed as thumbnail images – great for when we are chatting after class. The number you see will depend on your screen’s capabilities (up to 49 participants for desktop and laptop and up to 9 for tablet). You can click on the right or left arrow (Desktop/Laptop) or swipe left or right (Tablet) to see more attendees. 

For Zoom Tutorials click here.

Making the Most of Your Experience

This is your time to dedicate to your practice and self, so to help you make the most of it, please:

  • Find a quiet, calm space to lay your yoga mat

  • Bring bricks, blocks, belts, blankets and bolsters etc if you have them

  • Close doors to stop those you are living with (people and pets!) from interrupting

  • Switch off phones or leave outside of the room to remove distractions.

  • Join the class in plenty of time (5-10 minutes prior to start of the class) as Raquel will close the room as soon as she starts the practice. 


To help build community, those that wish to can stay on after class, to ask Raquel and questions and get to know and chat with other yogis.

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