Yoga Classes

Yoga provides a mind-body connection for a more complete form of ‘exercise’. Suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness levels, yoga poses (asanas) increase flexibility, improve circulation and strengthened muscles. Yoga also emphasises breathing techniques (pranayama) that focus the mind and that control the flow of breath into and out of the body, quieting the spirit. Read more...

Deeper Development

For those with a desire to commit more to yoga practice and developing your knowledge of yoga, this is for you. Weekly classes for teachers/trainees or serious students. Also 60 Hour training on BWY Foundations course. This is for you. Read more...


Immerse mind, body and spirit in a yoga retreat for a truly holistic, deeply rejuvenating experience. Retreat guests spend the days practising yoga, meditating and enjoying the natural surroundings, with nurturing meals and easy camaraderie. Read more...


A yoga workshop offers a more focused approach to a session, concentrating on a particular aspect of practice or a form of meditation, for example. Find out more about upcoming workshops here. Read more...

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Wake Up & Shine BLOG

  • Staying present with the lurgy and desiring nothing

    Namaste Yogis, As most of you know, I have been layed up since sunday with a lurgy, the first two days have been fine as could hardly move and was in pain so didn't have much time for anything else, as focused on sleeping. However now day 5 as the pain has subsided some what and even though I am not planning to do any handstands just yet, mind has time now to be thinking about other things but what is present, this reminded me of Raga(running towards pleasure) and Dvesa (running away from dis pl...  Read More...

  • Meditation - changes brain

    Hi, haven't contacted you all in a long time, but have been Meditating for many years, but often wonder how it works, so here is a good article research done by neuroscientists, that might help you finally make the shift. for me, when I don't meditate and having a bad day, that day seems to often push my buttons, but when I meditate on a regular basis, even the darkest day, has a glimpse of hope   &nbs...  Read More...

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